we’ve been invisible for too long

It’s time for the invisible art to begin. It’s time to start saying what needs to be said. It’s time to have a good old belly laugh at some things and be knocked sideways in shock at others. It’s time to get mad. To get it off our chests. It’s time to ask if things can change? So far I have an Italian and a Croatian on board. A great beginning. We need to research the ethics and best practise for what we are planning to do – create theatre in unexpected places. (Surely, the most unexpected place of all is in the theatre itself! Imagine witnessing something really really unexpected, or funny or unsettling or tragic or unacceptable …..at the theatre??? Food for thought, but I digress) I suppose my real interest is in entertaining people, appealing to the nosy gossip in all of us, in sparking people’s imaginations and getting them to ask questions or wonder or look at these situations and characters and also to look at their own responses and ask, now why did I react that way?

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