Middling love on the eastern coast

Did you really want to marry me?
That time in Alexandria
Sitting on the wall, sun-splashed, with the waves crash slapping up against the citadel
Or that time in the Rodeo Bar on 3rd Avenue,
me compulsively shelling nuts,
you drinking 5ft beers
Or in my narrow apartment on 90th street,
me roaring, you screeching and the trucks hurtling past
Or that time in Coney Island both of us pregnant pausing over the untouched borscht
Or by the East River when you scooped your hand up under my dress
and your spectacles fell off
Or on the armchair in the unlit apartment in Queens
with you tasting of doughnuts and ice-cream
Or that time in the seedy mirrored motel where we outdid ourselves and paid by the hour

If I’d have given you the chance, would you?

(c) Amy Redmond 2009


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