Virgin on the Rock

A virgin am I to scaling Howth Head
green sea beneath
gulls on rocks squealing
like children when the bell rings

Sink stepping on mattress hay grass
I imagine Jim and Nora and the sex they had.
Transfixed by swishes and squawk, I come to.
‘One loose footing and you’re a goner,’ my companion warns.

A school group passes, German I think.
I wonder how nervous I’d be bringing youths so high
They fade, we walk, each at our own pace
Breeze brings us along

Ahead in the distance lumbering towards us a large ungainly man
pale-faced perspiring clutching a water bottle
This chap is no veteran
positively sore-thumbish and oozing sleaze

Passing me he leans in close, muttering something about danger
Would I be safe to do this walk alone, I muse
My companion catches up and reckons the fellow reeks of murder
We both agree, we should have pushed him over

(c) Amy Redmond 2005


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