Late Late Show: Pat Kenny does us a favour

Woo hoo. Yee hah. Well ba low me down!! What a wonderful way to wake up on a Saturday morning – to be greeted with the knowledge that no longer do we have to suffer the stiff physicality, the flat interviewing, the awkward pauses and corny dialogue of Cat Penny on the Late Late Show. Bliss. (does this mean that in the future when I tune in I might see a fair reflection of 21st century Ireland and hear some meaningful debate? Hold your horses Amy, it is RTE we’re talking about, they did punish you with the Pat angle for more than 10 years after all! ) So what happened? He tired of trawling the RTE canteen in a desperate bid for last minute in house guests because, oddly enough, the numbers of celebs willing to suffer his rigid ‘stick to the cards’-style was dwindling, dwindling, dwindling? And he says, for him it’s a case of “quit while you’re ahead” !! Yeah sure Pat, everything in the garden is rosey. Oops, don’t mention the garden, Geraldine might sniff a real news story and whack another spate of full-page spreads in our paper of record, The Irish Times. Sticking to the important things on the news agenda, as always. Ah well, perhaps, this Monday current affairs gig will make a difference. On with you Pat, get back in your box. You shouldn’t have been let out of hards news in the first place. Sure you’ve made your moola now, you should have a few sheckles spare to pick up a few nice bulbs and saplings in Lidl for your garden! Hope you have the cojones to ask a few HARD questions…..


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