Ayurvedic ear-blowing!

So I’m three days into my yoga holiday at Hari’s wonderful Sharanagati Yogahaus. Room is amazing, food delicious and people are lovely. I am stiff as a board from the daily 3.5 hours of Hatha Yoga as well as 1 hour of pranayama and sitting meditation. Sea floating sessions and dodging the mighty Arabian waves are becoming a necessary pleasure 2 or 3 times a day. And the subset swim is the best ritual of all. These old bones of mine are screaming from the yogashock so Hari recommended a great chap to massage my back. His name is Achi and he operates from a curtain around a massage table inside his wife Reji’s beauty parlour where anything from henna painting, hair cutting, threading, manicuring and Pedicuring takes places about 10 inches away from the massage. Makes for very interesting listening. There I was in a blissful state. Achi working his magic and it felt like I was under his thumb for 3 hours. Turns out I was there 1 hour and 20 minutes. Best massage ever at 1,000 rupees and worth every one. When comparing notes with my housemates who had also surrendered to Achi , no-one else got the ear-blowing that I got?It seems I got extra special treatment. An added 20 minutes for free and some intense (and only very slightly inappropriate) blowing into both my ears! Adrian a guy from Melbourne came back and was put out that he didn’t get blown. I must book another Achi session and see if the spirit takes him again.


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