Ayurvedic massage – what, no blow?

So the running joke this week every time someone came back from a session with Achi was, did you get your ears blown? Only one person to my knowledge got this extra! I went again last night and he didn’t  give my ears the time of day. But he did go over the one hour again. And he is no one hit wonder. This guy gives the best massage ever, so intuitive and thorough and really kneads those knots. I chatted with him after and he trained in Ayurveda massage in Trivandrum but he works with dancers in Northern Kerala in the off season as well as hospitals and has developed his  own style of massage . I never can resist an opportunity for humour so readers please understand there was nothing untoward ever just my naughty nimble fingers on amynomad! I’m off for my morning asanas before I sadly say goodbye to Nicole & Andy who have entertained me and shown me the wonder of Odayam Beach and Varkala town. I’ll be so sad to see them off. Nicole is having an Achi special this morning so hopefully she’ll get a goodbye blow! 



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