Goodbye Sharanagati Yogahaus

Yesterday was busy. My last day at Hari’s wonderful Yogahaus. Lots of people coming and going all the time. Plenty of goodbye dinners and welcome initiation sunset swims to keep us from thinking about our aching joints from 3.5 hours of yoga a day! Adrian headed to the trendy British Soul & Surf outfit on the South Cliff – for another week of yoga plus morning surfing (very plush altogether – he was handed a fresh coconut drink upon checkin, while I packed up my bag to move up the road into where I may just stay for the rest of the holiday – a Sivananda Ashram but more about that later. I’m just finding my way. We’ll see. With much regret I had to go for my final sunrise swim on Black Beach and managed to get a lovely snap.  

 It was rather dark heading there and much like my first night here the sea was perilous. Those Arabian waves were crash slapping me into the morning light. Quite a few of them even came back at me from the shore?! Also a sardine- sized fish jumped and frolicked about me. Yes. Perfect. Just me and the fish at dawn. More later. Must check out a Puja and have another goodbye dinner to attend. Let’s see what Blue Moon is like! I’ll also write a separate post reviewing the Sharanagati Yogahaus but not tonight Josephine.


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