Biking to Kappil Beach

 I took a notion to rent a bike this morning after a chat with Jimmy from the, wait for it…. Love Shore Art House! I was wandering around the back lanes after yoga yesterday where lots of Homestay houses are. I passed this Love Shack and Jimmy a little black dude beckoned me inside (trying to hock a room to me) I asked him where the art was? So he gave me the grand tour. Then showed me his little altar to Jesus at the side of his reception desk and proudly affirmed he was catholic. He said he’d arrange a bike for me for the equivalent of €1.40 for the day – not bad. So I went back there this morning and a fella in a sleeping bag woke up and told me to go across the road – so I half killed myself cycling up and down back lanes – Kappil Beach is about 10km from Varkala. Not many tourists go there which is nuts as it is so near and so deserted and long long long with a lake on the opposite side plus a very welcome ice cream van! I swam in a couple of beaches along the way. This one being my favourite. 
So amazing to have this beach all to myself. Got back on my rothar and pressed on along the main road asking directions from Indian bikers in long skirts and auto rickshaw drivers in floral shirts. The houses are so colourful and a few temples to boot.

  Also some massive villas. Stopped off on another beach called something unpronounceable beginning with B! There was a surfing competition on with Indian kids from all over India, some of them as young as 8 years old riding those fab Arabian waves. Couldn’t resist another dip there.  Think it was called Ash’s surf school, Edava  when I cycled away. By the time I got to Kappil Beach it was scorching but a gorgeous cycle and really relaxing on the road. No one speeds like mad although they alarmingly drive on either side of the road. Doesn’t seem to matter. You are never surprised as they honk and beep each other in warning. I cycled back through Edava and down the Ice Cool Road! Back towards my beloved Odayam Beach for a swift palak paneer lunch at the Palm Tree before my pre-yoga siesta. Not a bad old life here in Varkala.


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