South Cliff sunset

Staying at a local ashram was an excellent thing to do after my week at Hari’s Sharanagati Yogahaus. He actually trained there. I could contine to develop my practise and listen to the Swami’s insights and get a bit if Vedic Chanting in. We did find time for beach walks and socialising but a very different atmosphere altogether. Many people visiting here are yoga teachers or working in some spiritual field or are on a “journey”! Aren’t we all.

From left to right, Cita from Madrid who packed in a career as financial broker and has been living between India and Spain. The lovely Tracey, who I roomed with. She comes as often as possible from her current home in Dubai (a short skip & jump away), my good self and Sanji who came from Kolkatta, a great character. We went for a nice Sunday evening walk by the Sputh Cliff. Hope they enjoyed the rest of their stay. I loved sneaking pictures of local hawkers as I roamed. Here’s a nice one.



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