Day 1 – No thanks, I don’t smoke.

I chose Valentine’s Day to stop smoking. The best gift I could ever give myself. So far so good. I woke early and got an awful lot done even before noon and for a Sunday! Hoovering. Dusting. Sorting. Sweeping plus two episodes of season 6 of The Good Wife (which I finished this afternoon before my Yoga class). I hate starting new challenges on Monday mornings. That’s another reason why I quit today. Have only really felt one craving and that was tiny and disappeared as soon as it began. Long may this upbeat feeling last. My plan is to drink less coffee/alcohol for the first week. Drink lots of water. Do yoga every day. To avoid substituting the smoking with eating is paramount. Perhaps, I will go to the gym in the evenings, use a few machines just as a pretext to get into the steam room and say bye bye for good to those nasty toxins. But, tonite as it  is Day 1 and it is Valentine’s, I might have cake!



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