Day 28. No thanks, I don’t smoke.

Yes indeed. Today is my one-month anniversary.  Hard to believe that I have made it this far so easily. Perhaps, it is true. When you really want to quit, it is easy. I think I have had about three tiny cravings in total. Mind you, I have been avoiding smoking sections in pubs and have not been hanging out for long at my local coffee spot, Nicks. So it is all good. This quitting lark has been having quite a profound effect on my creativity. I am now directing a show for my advanced Tuesday night maggots (, writing two short film scripts simultaneously and still hatching a plan for a third and I have finally begun lessons on the cello. Yes. I have a lot of energy since I stopped lying around smoking my head off and when I wasn’t doing that I was lying around rolling cigarettes I was about to smoke. Such an energy deadener, an exhausting and time-consuming habit. I’m very chuffed. I’m still going to a 75-minute yoga class, at least three times a week and have started swimming lengths in the pool twice a week. I have also started experimenting with hairstyles and have come up with a rather posh-looking side-swooped bun which makes me feel a bit like Frida Kahlo or George Eliot (depending on the weather and how colourfully I am dressed). I am feeling particularly chuffed that I have not gained weight. I have in fact done the opposite. I have lost 4.5llbs already because I joined a slimming group to transfer my obsession from quitting smoking to shedding the pounds and it seems to be working. Well, I’ll know more tomorrow after my ghastly weigh in. If I blog again on this subject at the two-month mark, maybe I’ll have lost a stone. Who knows? Well as long as the scripts are written, I’m beyond bowing and plucking mere scales on the cello and I still haven’t smoked by mid-April, I’ll be a very happy camper indeed. The things you do when you quit smoking.  IMG_4189I bought this painting for my God son. I love it. It was painted by my friend Alex (  who had a lovely exhibition a few weeks back. Let’s see what I purchase over the next few weeks. I’ve a niggling suspicion it may be a flight somewhere warm for the end of April…. We shall see.


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