Digital detox in a seaweed bath

Apparently, I’m embarking on a digital detox for 24 hours so I’m on the Dublin to Sligo train blogging about it, online, from my phone! 

Well you know how we use the headphones and phones to deter potential ‘yappers in your facers’ for 3 hours in a carriage? Well I’m doing that now as we approach Maynooth soon and who knows what will happen.

Recently I had such a friendly train chat with a woman on the way down to Wexford that she had become so familiar with me and possibly enthralled at being entertained for so long, that she started pucking me every few moments for emphasis and repeatedly using my name. In the 2 hours I learned her whole life story and those of her grown children. Who had survived cancer, who had never had great hair, who had a second home in Spain. It had been pleasant enough up until the pucking. I don’t like being pucked even by my best friends not to mention strangers on a train.

So it seems to be safe for now. I’ve eaten my healthy box lunch I made and now I’m luxuriating over the Americano I purchased to recover from the shock of having rushed trying to get a taxi like a banshee in the heaving rain and gale force winds because I had arrived in Heuston station at 12.15pm for the 12.30pm train to be told, “You’re in the wrong station for that. The Sligo train goes from Connolly.”

Feck. Digital detox I definitely need. I made it anyway. I’ve no idea what webpage I saw a timetable for a Sligo bound train from Heyston but I’ve clearly been looking at too many lately – so seaweed bathing and non laptop time beckons. Can’t wait.

This is also a mini celebration as my short film script was chosen for phase 2 of the Filmbase-RTE Short Shots. Exciting. That’s why I’m going to submerge myself in seaweed and walk Strandhill beach so I can return to my bedroom/office/writing room and get cracking on my second draft of my film script. Then myself and my director partner will be ready to do battle at the next boot camp to try to get into round 3. Everything artistic and creative has been reduced to either a speed date or a festival. Bill Hicks was so right. “Anybody out there who works in advertising or marketing, kill yourself”.  Oh to be a mermaid instead.


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