Day 87 – No thanks, I don’t smoke 

Yup. I rarely think about having a fag now. Hard to believe that can happen when you are smoking regularly but it’s true. I often will go an entire week and not once think about smoking. That is amazing to me. Hallelujah!

I still have buckets of energy and I have managed to put a stop to the disastrous jelly and biscuit-eating rituals I was developing on a nightly basis. Phew. At least I still fit into my clothes and my jaws have stopped aching! Onwards and upwards right?

As for the creative spurt. After an exciting but exhausting pitching and story development weekend, my script has found a director and a producer and we are thrilled to be among the final 10 groups competing for €10,000 in funding to make a short film. Only 4 groups will be selected. Fingers crossed, we get that dosh and make our movie this summer.

Location meeting this weekend.


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