Bundi fire-lit welcome

How wonderful to arrive here in Bundi in the pitch dark at almost 11pm off the 4.5 hour train journey from Udaipur which incidentally cost me 105 rupee. I like to travel in style! 

Everyone in town was gone to bed long ago. Apparently 9pm is the usual lights out. The rickshaw drivers haggled with me to join two Israeli women into town. They were headed to the Energy Cafe & Guesthouse but I stuck to my original plan of Shamu’s promise of a lovely lakeside spot (shopkeeper in Udaipur) called Hotel Bundi House. 

I was not disappointed. Danesh, a sweet boy with sleepy eyes opened the door explaining that he’d been waiting up for me. He showed me to my room and then brought me up to the roof terrace for a beer where here and an old man Bubbama built a little fire for me. I’m tucked in my leaba now listening to guess what? A chorus of Bundi dogs. Suck it up Amy, things could be a lot worse, right?! I must write a post about my Kumbhalgar adventure yesterday. I’ll do so tomorrow. Buenas noches.


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