Bundi rice & lemon breakfast

Got to eat something here on terrace before I see the palace and its paintings followed by a tour of the countryside. This place is so peaceful. Hotel Bundi House. There are monkeys hopping over walls as you walk into town.




Jippy tum tum day!

It was bound to happen. I got off scot free  last year. Not pleasant last night. I’ll spare you the details. Ate nothing all day. Just lots of water and dioralyte and Danish cooked me plain rice with lots of lemon tonite. Feeling ready to tackle Bundi again tomorrow. Going on an excursion with Mr. Kukki, a Canadian woman and a French woman. Then I’ll catch the bus to Jaipur. Danish is the man. I wish him and Shamu all the best with Bundi House Hotel.

Bundi backstreets

Stumbling around the old blue houses of the crumbling Bundi backstreets there are paintings and temples everywhere

Locals and children greet me and the little ones chase me and ask to be in photos. How can I not oblige.

The local milkman also caught my eye. I saw loads of these guys calling out through the hood.

I popped into a temple and a woman singing and praying inside offers me some coconut flakes to eat. I’m a bit edgy because of the jippy tummy I had since yesterday but it’s the only thing I ate all day. No harm. I thought eating in a holy spot might do me some good.

Bundi fire-lit welcome

How wonderful to arrive here in Bundi in the pitch dark at almost 11pm off the 4.5 hour train journey from Udaipur which incidentally cost me 105 rupee. I like to travel in style! 

Everyone in town was gone to bed long ago. Apparently 9pm is the usual lights out. The rickshaw drivers haggled with me to join two Israeli women into town. They were headed to the Energy Cafe & Guesthouse but I stuck to my original plan of Shamu’s promise of a lovely lakeside spot (shopkeeper in Udaipur) called Hotel Bundi House. 

I was not disappointed. Danesh, a sweet boy with sleepy eyes opened the door explaining that he’d been waiting up for me. He showed me to my room and then brought me up to the roof terrace for a beer where here and an old man Bubbama built a little fire for me. I’m tucked in my leaba now listening to guess what? A chorus of Bundi dogs. Suck it up Amy, things could be a lot worse, right?! I must write a post about my Kumbhalgar adventure yesterday. I’ll do so tomorrow. Buenas noches.

Building blocks

It’s 7.20am and I’m dressed. Not showered as funnily enough yesterday’s hot shower had suddenly gone ice cold, much like my attitude to this little den. I kid you not. About an hour ago after witnessing another pair of dogs engage in brutal street howl warfare, I began hearing the sound of stone crumbling. Surely, this building is not about to collapse I muse from my unslept-upon-pillow. No. Take a look. The photo bears the fruits of these early hours labourers. Oh they like to get things done of a Monday morning in Inja! This is what put the icing on the cake. It’s really quite hilarious. Especially when one is delirious with fatigue. I’ll go hunt for a breakfast on a rooftop high high high and far away from motor noises.

Heaven turned to Hell

So I realise now my antenna was malfunctioning this morning when I happily agreed to take the 2nd room I saw. I was just off a ghastly early flight from DrivetownSmog, err, I mean Delhi – not to mention the several Moscow Mules imbibed the night before with an exceedingly lively bunch of Swedish ex-pats! Well I did get amazing WiFi here and a delicious breakfast, all for a mere 500 rupee but not a wink of sleep has been had in this den of mine. You see I wanted to stay in the Old City here in Udaipur because I like to walk places. Unfortunately, the speeding motorbikes, auto rickshaws and cars all have to continually beep to warn tourists like myself of imminent death! Good God I’ve no idea what passed just now. It sounded like a giant lawnmower or perhaps it is because I haven’t slept. You see the engines subsided for a while about 2am and then the dogs started up again. I’m so spoiled in my quiet cul de sac in Dublin. Anyway, the moral of the story is there is no such thing as a relaxing chilled out wander through Udaipur Old City. It’s like Chandi Chowk has followed me from Delhi! Pichola lake is stunning and I had a fabulous sunset dinner. I guess if I had chosen a better room I might not hear the traffic but the dog howls are ubiquitous. You live and learn. Thus I’ve decided to leave this City of Lakes and go straight to that fancy safari camp hotel which was recommended to me earlier today by an Indian couple visiting from LA. At least there I’ll get a decent night’s sleep out in the quiet before I am devoured by a leopard or wolf the next morning.I’ll die a rested woman. 

I’ll leave you with some more detail from the impressive City Palace – I suppose worth a sleepless night to have seen it. By the way it’s 6.15am now and I just heard the call to prayer. Perhaps I should convert.